Public Safety


Jeff Cusat has led the way to a safer City by Hiring 23 Patrol Officers and Chief Jerry Speziale. Dating back to when Jeff Cusat first raised his hand and took the oath a total of 24 police officers have been chosen to be part of the HPD team. The 24 were chosen from hundreds of applicants and have varying degrees of experience. Among these fine individuals were more female police officers and more minority police officers than all other administrations combined. In addition to these hiring’s, Cusat has promoted the first female detective in the department’s history. This detective’s attention to detail, ability to work well with children, and her toughness was recognized and rewarded.


With the aid of the $360,612.00 SAFER Grant, Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Responders, the City of Hazleton has recently hired five (5) firefighters which is the largest class in recent history. The City will now see staffing levels that have not been seen since 1988. We will have up to five (5) pieces of equipment in operation, at no additional cost, thanks to the grant that the City has received. The other benefit that taxpayers will recognize is non-emergency overtime will be cease to exist.



Mayor Cusat and his administration have replaced aging and unrepairable vehicles and equipment valued at nearly five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) without borrowing or the use of property tax money.

Police Department

Five (5) black & white suvs
LSA Grants $ 255,241.00

Three (3) black & white sedan
Donation from “We are Hazleton”
Drug seizure money $ 20,000.00
LSA Grant $ 42,000.00

Two (2) white detective suvs
LSA Grant $ 46,000.00

Two (2) white detective sedans
Drug seizure money $ 78,000.00

Two (2) undercover pickup trucks
PA State Police auto theft task force
Drug seizure money $ 90,000.00

Two (2) Harley Davidson Cycles
Donations from the citizens $ 47,099.84

Fire Department

Fire engine pumper #3
Community Development funds $ 455,745.00

Three (3) Fire Department emergency response vehicles
LSA Grant $ 105,114.00

One (1) Fire Department Utility Rescue Vehicle
LSA Grant $50,000.00

Airport Matintenance Equipment


Department of public works

Three (3) Ford F-550 Dump Trucks
with plow fittings, blades and spreader
$ 221,608.00

Three (3) Freightliner Dump Trucks
with plow fittings, blades and spreader
$ 489,728.00

One (1) Case 4wd Backhoe
$ 117,402

One (1) Elgin Street Sweeper
$ 197,606

Five (5) 29-foot Gillig low-floor CNG buses
$ 2,489,697.00
One (1) 24 ft. ADA accessible CNG van
$ 75,000.00